‘He redeemed them from the power of the enemy’. –  Psalm 106:10 (CEB)

One of the words you can use to describe buying things at the shops is called a ‘purchase’. You buy something for a price and then that thing becomes yours, you now own it rightly, as you’ve paid the given price. For example, if you’ve paid £5 then that MacDonald’s meal is now yours!

Well that’s the kind of things this verse is talking about today. You’ll often see the word ‘redeemed’ in the Bible and it basically means the exact thing we’ve just been talking about. God has purchased you, He’s bought you with a high price, He’s paid in full everything it cost to get you back from your sin and from the hands of the enemy, Satan.

So no matter what the devil throws at you, or the temptations and lies you come up against in this life, be confident in the truth that the enemy has no right to hurt, harm, kill, steal, destroy or lie to you – He’s been defeated at the cross. Now, in Jesus, the enemies’ power over your life through sin, sickness, depression or fear need no longer have any control over your thinking or body!

You are purchased, you’ve been bought by Jesus, you are His, you’re free!! Come on Jesus!!!

Cube Challenge: Be sure to spend some quality time with Jesus over this weekend and remember to thank Him for everything He’s done at the cross. Keep your prayers more about what He’s done, than your own requests and your perspective on your life will shift!! Look to Jesus! 


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