Wait for instruction

wait on gof

They quickly forgot what he had done; they did not wait for his instructions.’ – Psalm 106:13 (NET version)

We might often get told by people, technological devices or signs to wait for instruction. This command simply means we shouldn’t move or get involved with something until we are told to do so.

But this can be true in our lives as followers of Jesus too.

We can often want to rush ahead and do stuff in our own strength. We can even want to do things that are ahead of us and we aren’t ready. We can also desire to be involved in the wrong things, even when they look and sound good, but they are in fact things we haven’t been asked to do by God. Sometimes in our lives as Christians, there are simply times, to be still and wait for instruction. It’s important to be still in the midst of our busy lives and listen to what God is saying to us.

Remember to always wait for instruction! Wait for the voice and leading of your heavenly Father.

Cube Challenge: Take some time today to be still. Spend some time alone with your heavenly Father – turn off you mobile, tablet or PC and all other distractions. Get into His presence and engage with His word (the Bible) and have open ears to hear what His voice is saying and be open to what He wants you to do throughout this coming week. 



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