Friday’s or always?


Pursue the Lord and his strength;  seek his face always! – Psalm 105:4 (CEB)

It’s awesome to be at Cube on Friday’s isn’t it?

Experiencing Jesus in worship, preaching and conversations with each other. As awesome as it is that we can do this, it’s so important that we make a point of intentionally setting-aside some time to spend with Jesus everyday. As Christians all of our lives should be a burning and passionate search to find and experience Jesus in our everyday lives.

Today’s verse makes this very point, it says we should seek his face always. This means we should have a heart that’s always going for God. We should ask God to help us be people that are able to seek God all throughout the week and not just Friday’s. That by the help of the Holy Spirit we are people who are always seeking to spend time in God’s presence, where He overtakes everything else we do.

Cube Challenge: For the rest of this week, intentionally spend time with God each day. Even if it’s as little as 5 minutes, set aside time to seek God this week. 



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