Paying the price

pay the pric

‘A hot-tempered person must pay the penalty; rescue them, and you will have to do it again’. – Proverbs 19v19

Have a think for a minute of a couple of things you regret in your life. It’s not that comfortable to think about them is it? We have all had times when we’ve done things and then later regret doing them. We can also probably remember some of the consequences to the things we’ve done. For these things there’s a price to pay.

The same is true for sin, although God loves us, forgives us, cleanses us and restores us, there is still consequences to these actions, there is a price to pay, there is a cost. Today’s verse talks about the cost of being a hot-tempered person . If you are someone who readily snaps and loses it all the time, it will hinder you being everything God has for you. To be a ‘burning one’ for God, it’s important to deal with our temper and our character issues. Don’t pay the price, ask God to help you work through your temper! 

Cube Challenge: Read the whole chapter of Proverbs 19 – ask God to speak you as you do!!  


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