The road to life

life road

The fear of the Lord leads to life’ –  Proverbs 19v23

You might be thinking, ‘what does this mean’? ‘I thought God loved us, why do I need to be scared of Him?’

Well, when today’s Bible verse talks about the fear of the Lord , it means more about showing God the respect and honour He deserves, than it does being afraid or fearful of Him in any way. It too says this same ‘fear’ that we should have for God is key for our lives as Christians. We must be intentional about living lives that please God and showing Him respect, acting like children of God by how we lives out our daily lives.

The verse also shows us that fearing God in this way, leads to life. This means true life, true satisfaction, true wholeness comes from fearing God, from living a God-honouring life. This truth is upside down to the way the world teaches. The world tells us that we should live for the now, live by our own rules, do whatever makes us feel happy or ‘whole’. But God offers us so much more than this, when we know Him, and live a life that fears Him, we can know the peace and wholeness of His presence which satisfies us in a way this world never can. Fear God, honour Jesus and walk down the road to life!

Cube Challenge: Have a think and a pray about 3 areas in your life that if you’re honest you know could be more God-honouring and ask the Lord to help change you from the inside out in these areas. 

Monitor your progress over the coming weeks and notice the change – watch what the Lord will do in you!!


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