Tackle your tounge!

“Lord help me control my tongue; help me be careful about what I say. Take away my desire to do evil or to join others in doing wrong.” – Psalm 141:3-4 (NCV)

Are you a sporty person?

If you are, what’s your favourite sport?

Many are football fanatics, die-hard Wolves or West Brom fans. Other people like different sports, which are perhaps less usual, like Golf, sailing, athletics or even motor sports.

Have you ever seen a game of rugby though? It is an interesting sport, where you can see grown men tackling each other to the ground; some of their tackles are pretty harsh, literally knocking the opponent down to the ground just to get the ball, and advance up the field.

Well today’s Bible verse speaks of controlling your tongue, another word you could use is tackling. Often we will have a desire to speak bad things over people, to gossip, to mock or bite back. So like these huge rugby players you need to be a good tackler.

You should control, tackle and wrestle down the temptation to speak negative words over people. Instead use your words to bless, to speak encouragement, to focus on the good you see in others, to speak truth, hope and positivity over someone’s life – you will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Cube Challenge:  Be sure to tackle your tongue today! In the conversations you have today, make a conscious decision to keep yourself from negativity, back biting or gossiping.


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