Don’t believe the lie


Weapons made to attack you
    won’t be successful;
words spoken against you
    won’t hurt at all. Isaiah 54:17 (CEV)

In this life we face words, labels and ideas spoken over us that we end up believing about ourselves that very often are simply not the truth. We have people speaking into our lives such as the media, friends at school, teachers, even parents at time and if that wasn’t enough there is an enemy out there tying to take us out.

As a result of this we can end up believing lies about us, that we’re not the right shape, that we’re ugly, that we aren’t bright or able enough, that we are too much like this or not enough like that. When we begin to make decisions based on these lies it can shape and determine the course of our lives, where we constantly are trying to live in a certain way to make up for our how others have made us feel and the labels we’ve allowed other to put us.

Today’s verse is awesome and it fights against the lies that people and the enemy would try and put upon us. It says this; weapons made to attack you won’t be successful; words spoken against you won’t hurt at all. The truth is when we get firm into God’s word and begin to learn who He says we are we can stand up strong against the lies, labels and hurtful words spoken against us and we can live in the identity God has for us, we can live based on who He says we are rather than what others think and say. Get into God’s word, let His truth wash over you and don’t believe the lies.

Cube challenge: Go online and Google ‘God’s promises’. Find out all the promises of God throughout His word, and print them off and stick on your bedroom wall, every day when you wake up, intentionally look and remind yourself of who God says you are and let His words shape you live. Live free! Be who God says you can be. 


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