Do you believe what I believe?

do you believe what i believe

‘And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.’ – Matthew 3v17

So often we end up believing wrong stuff about ourselves that simply isn’t true.

We can base our opinions of ourselves on past failures, what others have spoken over us, and even the enemy (the devil) is continually whispering into our ears. But, we need to be sure to believe what God is saying over us, rather than the other voices that surround us. Today’s verse gives a big insight into how God sees us. Have you ever sat down and thought for a minute ‘how does God see me?’ ‘what does He think about me, as imperfect as I am?’

This verse described what God the Father said over Jesus when He lived on earth, before He’d ever done anything good for Him, before He’d preached, healed, saved and set people free. The same thing God said to Jesus, He says to you; ‘you are my beloved son (or daughter) with whom I’m well pleased’. God is’t mad at you today, He looks at you in the light of Jesus.

So no matter what you’ve done, where you’re at – God loves you right now, as you are, before you’re perfect, before you’re cleaned up in every area of your life, and when you get that you are a son or daughter who He’s nuts over, you’ll begin to start living full of Him.

The question is ‘do you believe what God believes about you?’

Cube Challenge: Take today’s verse, take some time to read it carefully and pray it over your life, until something changes in you and you begin to understand who God sees you as. When you get this it will change everything. Do you believe what He believes about you? 


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