Hold tight!!

Genesis 22:1-10

(check these words out, right right here; http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=genesis%2022:1-14)
Picture this guys here we have Abraham promised a son against all the odds; he has a son at 100 years old. Can you picture that, think of your great great grandmother who may be close to that age, that would be like her giving birth! Yet Abraham though he loved his son loved God more. He demonstrates this by being willing to kill his only son. God is an awesome God he gives us so much blessings; good homes, good families, iPads, iPhones and so much more. But if God came tomorrow and asked you to sacrifice something what would your response be?

I want to encourage you guys to holding on to things lightly – being in awe of the giver of blessings not the blessings. Let all your focus be on Him, He’s awesome.

Cube Challenge: This week, think of something that means a lot to you or is a big priority In your life. Go this week without it instead focusing your time in drawing nearing to Christ.


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