Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.1 Peter 4:12

This was a grim time for Christians in history. Christians were being killed by everyone. It was the world against Gods people. A time for battle. The fiery trail before them probably referred to being used has human torches after being burnt alive by Emporer Nero. But Paul says do not be surprised… wait a minute people are being brutally tortured and a church leader tells them that they should not be surprised ? What is that about?

Actually it makes perfect sense, Jesus told us that if they treated Him badly we would get it badly too. And the bible also teaches us that we are in a battle. Picture this, you are in battle bullets flying everywhere and the enemy is trying to kill you. Being a soldier that is what is expected. You would look a bit silly if you ran to your Commander and said ‘Why is this happening to me? They are shooting at me?’

No that is what happens in battle, we get attacked so we attack back. Let’s not be surprised when we get tough times, battles get messy. But we are on the winning side. Come on Jesus!

Cube challenge: whatever battles or attacks you face for your faith, ask the Lord to help you to stand firm in the midst for Him, He will give you His strength and peace to stand in the midst of the battles you are facing today.


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