Speak Up!!!

speak up

‘Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves’Proverbs 31:8

So there is the girl in your class who hasn’t grown into herself yet, a bit anti-social and is in desperate need of a conditioner. All the other kids have mean names for her, ‘loner, weirdo, freak’. In this verse, a mother advises her son who in that time was the king of Israel to Speak up for the weak, to use his power for good and not turn away from those who deserved justice.

Speaking up will probably land you a spot down the social ladder, but also that girl is suffering and is in need of someone to say, ‘you are beautiful, you are loved’ because she is. God has not given you a spirit that fears but a spirit of courage – so speak up!!!

Cube Challenge: As you finish this school/college year and are looking to go into the next, remember to intentionally befriend someone who is a bit lonely at your school/college, change the status quo. Ask God to help you, you’d be surprised, others may join in.


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