The real you

 the real u

That’s the kind of people the father is looking for; those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship. John 4: 23

Ever laughed at yourself when you realised that something you have over-complicated for so long was really very simple!

Worship is in fact really simple. It’s about being your ‘true’ self before God, not wearing any masks.

This begs the questions, who is your true self? Your ‘true’ self is the person that nobody sees.

Worshiping God is not just singing songs,  but living a life that points towards Jesus. Singing is a huge part of worshiping God, but it’s much more than that. When we worship God, He wants us to come before him with all the stuff we don’t let people see.

However, God is a good God,  He won’t hit you with a club, he is not a warden or an archaic Headmaster.

He takes all that ‘stuff’ whatever it is and through the Holy Spirit he shows you the ‘truth’ about who you truly are. You are loved, precious, set apart, holy, healthy, wealthy, important, etc. The list goes on, the Holy Spirit of God is also called the Spirit of Truth so you can trust that what he says is always true.

Worship God today, just as you are and you’ll experience the truth of who you are in Him. Getting in His presence brings a clarity and shows you who you really are, be open for Him to speak!

CUBE challenge:  Put 10 of your favorite worship tracks on today and be your ‘true’ self before God. Pour out your heart to God and allow Him to speak the truth of who you are in Christ over you.


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