What counts in Heaven?


Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.1. Thessalonians 5 v 11

When we are in heaven, what do you think counts?

When we get to heaven will the money we’ve earned, iPads, clothes,  make-up and big cars we’ve bought really make a difference in others life in the light of eternity?

What really counts are relationships with people.

Imagine you are in heaven and you have 10,000 real friends—-not Facebook friends. Real friends, where you invested time with, where you helped in difficult times, etc. Think of the value of those friendships and the potential to have impacted those who you connect with for Jesus.

Don’t lose a heavenly perspective; relationships are one of the main things that really that count in life.

Jesus hung out 24/7, with His disciples – He built relationships. Money, cars or technology are for a short amount of time, but having really good friends are important for a fulfilling life. The quality of our friendships make a difference in heaven.

Remember, today’s verse tells us to build up others; think about how you can build up your mates and shine Jesus to them! Living heavenly minded- means you see how you can bring a godly influence into the lives of your mates.

CUBE Challenge: The next time you hang out with your mates, be intentional about shining Jesus through how you live.


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