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Acts 9

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2015…A Year of ACTS

a year of acts cube

This year the church theme is a year of ACTS…AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY TRANSFORMING SOCIETY

No longer do we just want to sit in a church and hear about the word… we want to start doing the word! So let this be a year where we form real, authentic, family bonds and in building that community we see our society transformed! We’re kicking the year off reading the book of Acts together and this Sunday starting a fast… So join us! Read a chapter a day, fast something and fill up your time with prayer and the word and see breakthrough right at the beginning of this year!! Bring on 2015! The best is coming!

Food glorious food

food glourious food

Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags. Proverbs 23:20 – 21

Did you know the average Brit put on nearly half a stone over Christmas last year? Sometimes food or drink can become an idol in our lives if we are not careful. An idol doesn’t always mean some kind of totem pole, but is anything that steals the place of God is our lives.

This is a season to enjoy family and friends with food and drink but be mindful that reason for the season is Jesus. Let’s pay more attention to him rather than the food and everything that goes with Christmas.

Cube challenge: Monitor what you eat and drink over this period maybe make a decision to consume less food and drink than you normally would and spend more time eating from the bread of life Jesus!

Bring your ideas!


If you’ve got any ideas for cubeites, we WANT to hear from you!

Please send us your ideas, see Namz for more information if you’re interested!

Please hand them to the CUBE team at cube (in paper) or email them to; or

Bless u guys!

CUBE challenge: Try doing at least 1 CUBEite and email us your ideas!



What counts in Heaven?


Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.1. Thessalonians 5 v 11

When we are in heaven, what do you think counts?

When we get to heaven will the money we’ve earned, iPads, clothes,  make-up and big cars we’ve bought really make a difference in others life in the light of eternity?

What really counts are relationships with people.

Imagine you are in heaven and you have 10,000 real friends—-not Facebook friends. Real friends, where you invested time with, where you helped in difficult times, etc. Think of the value of those friendships and the potential to have impacted those who you connect with for Jesus.

Don’t lose a heavenly perspective; relationships are one of the main things that really that count in life.

Jesus hung out 24/7, with His disciples – He built relationships. Money, cars or technology are for a short amount of time, but having really good friends are important for a fulfilling life. The quality of our friendships make a difference in heaven.

Remember, today’s verse tells us to build up others; think about how you can build up your mates and shine Jesus to them! Living heavenly minded- means you see how you can bring a godly influence into the lives of your mates.

CUBE Challenge: The next time you hang out with your mates, be intentional about shining Jesus through how you live.



‘Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.’ – Psalm 147 v 5

Does God has a limit? No, He is limitless. For this reason He can hold the whole planet earth in His hands. He creates the Milky Way and all galaxies. He can create things which are gigantic!

But God creates small things with details. Our DNA, our whole body works perfectly together. Have you ever asked yourself, why and how you can see, hear, taste, feel, and speak?

Bring God into the correct perspective. He is a great and awesome God. Any problems, which seems huge and impossible is nothing for our mighty God. Bring him all your sorrows and problems and remember how big He is.

CUBE Challenge: Take at least 15 minutes to pray today, bring your heart before God pour out all your problems to Him, as you do remember how big He is, there’s nothing He can’t deal with! 

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