Help is on its way


“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. “- Romans 16:20

This is exactly what today’s verse is sharing; it’s saying that whatever we are going through, whatever attacks, confusion, hurt, sickness or temptation that the enemy puts our way, it means that God is greater and He’s on the way to help us in our situation.

Of course we have to first call out to Him and ask for help, but when we do, we can be sure that God will always come through at our point of need. We need to get this – that there isn’t a big bad devil and a far off God (although you may feel like this right now), but God is for us, He hears us and wants to help us right where we’re at, when we feel most vulnerable and attacked. There is in fact a massive God and a tiny devil (in comparison).

Today’s verse also says that God is a God of peace, its key that we get this; when God shows up in our situation – He will bring His peace, life and power and will always drive the enemy from us if we put our faith in Him, and ask Him to come through.

Your breakthrough may not come in an instant or all at once, but, be assured that God is a God of peace and He will come through in your life. Be encouraged – help is on the way!

Cube Challenge: Write down some of your favourite Bible promises and begin to speak them over your life. This is your weapon against the lies and attacks of the enemy. 


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